English Muffin Bread


I love English muffins, something I could not get my hands on growing up in Switzerland. But when I lived in the States I often bought them and had them well toasted with melted butter and jam, or cream cheese and jam, or as a ham and cheese sandwich. They work in so many ways …

Vanilla Meringue Bites


I’m hosting a cookie tasting party this weekend and these meringues are part of our contribution. I like to make meringue for several reasons: I find them easy to make and they store in an air-tight container up to two weeks, so you can make them ahead. They are naturally gluten free and they are …

Aunt Elisa’s Olive Oil Cake


As you know I like to make layered cakes with loads of frosting and other decadent sweets to celebrate special occasions (or just for the fun of it). However, I also like simple cakes that can stand on their own, that aren’t too sweet, versatile enough to be served for dessert, afternoon tea or even …

Cookies, cookies, cookies galore!