Cookie Tasting Party with Minted

Giulia Doyle Cookie PartyHave you kicked off the holiday season with a party yet? It looks like everyone is booked, attending cocktails, dinners or cookie exchanges. Since we like to gather friends, we decided to host something we were calling a ‘cookie tasting’ party. A fun and sweet way to get together, have everyone bring their cookies, allowing us to try a bunch of new treats.

As you know, I’m a big fan of Minted and have used their services even before I started blogging. Over the years, they’ve expanded their offerings and their party supplies are some of my favourites. This time I used the Rose Colored Glass suite – I loved the gold combined with the soft rose colour, with hints of the winter season seen in the evergreen visual. My favourites are banners which make any event a little more special, tent cards to label all the cookies and stickers which I used to upgrade store-bought cups and take-away boxes. Just some little touches to make the party come together.Giulia Doyle Cookie PartyThis time I also tried the new Minted online invitations, which they launched a couple of weeks back.  I love the variety of the invites designed by independent artists, how much nicer they are than other online invites I’ve seen and how you can manage your guest list in one spot.

I could have ordered the online invite to match my party supplies, but I decided on a more specific cookie theme to illustrate the party – again, the pale pink pulled it all together. Online invites are still free during their beta phase and the one thing to note is that company firewalls could be an issue for the invite. I noticed that people receiving the invite on their private email didn’t have an issue receiving it, but people receiving it at work did have it end up in their spam folders at times. This was a great way for us to kick-off the season, mingle with friends and end up with a serious sugar overload. I’m always happy to put in the effort for people to get together, it really is nice to slow down, chat, have a drink and not think of our long to-do list. Happy holidays to you and enjoy the photo overload!indexGiulia Doyle Cookie PartyGiulia Doyle Cookie PartyGiulia Doyle Cookie PartyGiulia Doyle Cookie PartyGiulia Doyle Cookie PartyPhoto of Online Invite by Minted. Photo of sugar cookies with red sprinkles, macarons and Mexican hot chocolate cookies by Colin Rowe. Party supplies provided by Minted. Opinions are my own.

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