2 years old!

Anniversary Giulia DoyleWow, the cliché that time flies, really applies here. This blog turns two this week and I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years. Five years ago I knew nothing about blogging,  I only followed a handful of bloggers and wrote a corporate blog at work. I jumped in and tried a bunch of stuff, attended some conferences and took classes – each time being more inspired and learning so many things on the way. Two years ago, when I decided to switch to this blog, I knew a little more and focused on what I enjoyed most – but again, the blog world is always changing and what worked a year ago, is not really what works today. But it’s fun, it’s challenging and definitely not boring.

Here I am with a little post and a few links to some favourite recipes on this blog.

It was a good year, a fun year. A year filled with adventures, firsts and  a few challenges. Again, thank you so much for stopping by my little space, taking time out of your busy day and making it a wonderful place for me to share pieces of my life – be it the sweet or the savoury.

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