Friday Specials

Branding Audrey's

Last week I did this little branding exercise. Inspired by House of Brinson’s Styling class I wanted to figure out the colour palette I was subconsciously using in my photographs. I had consciously decided on my actual blog colours (logo, titles, text, sidebar, social media), but I had not paid specific attention to my photo colour palette.

So, this little exercise was taking it a bit further – stepping back and looking at my work for the past 11 months. And this is what I saw – a colour palette of neutrals, blues, some dark purples and occasional pops of green, pink and yellow. There is a theme going on!  Also note that I had no purple until I did an upcoming holiday shoot, which will go live in December and then I used purple for a recipe that’s going live on Monday, so this is a little sneak peek for you.

Sometimes it’s worth the time to go back and look at your work as a whole – making sure that things are cohesive, well branded and tell a story.  Have you looked at your work recently?

Some specials I want to share with you this week:



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