It’s a wrap – 2014 in review

year in review giulia doyle
Year two on this food blog has been busy and lots of fun. I decided early last year to reduce my posting schedule and truly focused on expanding my skills and experimenting a little with food and photography. This blog also gave me the opportunity to journal our great summer vacation.

As you’ve read on many other blogs, the environment has changed drastically since I started blogging almost 5 years ago. Readership is down, comments are almost non-existent and we all wonder why we put ourselves out there. Over the past two years I’ve been blogging to improve my photography skills and to use my blog as a portfolio site that would lead to paid print or online opportunities. This has worked great for me. So while my readership is very low and I’m sure I’d be delighted to have more stop by each day, I know deep down that that is not why I come to this space.

Some Highlights for me in 2014

I’m not sure what will happen to this space next year. I might stop in on a less regular basis, or it might be more. I really don’t know. I might also share other things, not just food and our travels. We have a couple of bigger things planned for the house, so I might share that again, as I used to do on my old blog. I’m really in limbo right now. But I made a deal with myself –  I will only blog while it’s fun and I enjoy doing it.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!  Cheers and hopefully I’ll see you here again soon!

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