A Cape Cod Vacation

Cape Cod - Audrey'sWe loved it so much last year, that we went back to Cape Cod this summer. There’s something about that place – it relaxes you immediately and everyone is content, happy and friendly. We did some of the same things as last year and a couple of new things and it ended up being the perfect vacation – I didn’t want it to end.Cape Cod Audreys Cape Cod Audreys 3 Cape Cod Audreys 23The weather was great all week, except for one rainy day. We started off with the small beach five minutes from our rental cottage. We brought our bikes this year, so zipping to the beach was a breeze. We enjoyed the sun, the water and had to collect our shells.Cape Cod Audreys Cape Cod Audreys 7This was our rental cottage. It was wonderful and perfect size for the 7 people staying there (we went with my mom and my grandparents). The house was completely renovated and the owner appointed it with lovely things – the perfect combination of old charm with modern conveniences. Plus a very large yard at the end of a long driveway, so the kids could play safely. Cape Cod Audreys Cape Cod Audreys 5 Cape Cod Audreys 8The amazing thing about Cape Cod are the beaches – there are many of them – a lot of small ones, some larger ones – ones on the bay, others on the Atlantic. We made sure to check out a couple of them. Both Maëlle and Desmond enjoyed the water and were not afraid to dive right into the salty waves.Cape Cod Audreys Cape Cod Audreys 15 Cape Cod Audreys 22One day we spent at Nauset beach, which was on the Atlantic facing part of the cape. While the beach is very popular and very crowded – the water is crystal clear, the waves are much bigger and people are having a ton of fun with their boogie boards. We were told that weekends are crazy and that the parking lot fills up by 9 am! The kids got a Frisbee with their lunch, which made for great entertainment and exercise.Cape Cod Audreys Cape Cod Audreys 13 Cape Cod Audreys 21Right past main street Chatham, there’s the lighthouse beach. While we didn’t spend the day there, we visited while the sun was setting and caught some of the pink skies. Maëlle’s neon pink dress was glowing in the dark and I had to fiddle with the camera settings quite a while to capture what I was really seeing.Cape Cod Audreys Cape Cod Audreys 16 Cape Cod Audreys 20I can’t go to the beach without having seafood. We ate our share of fried clams, lobster rolls, halibut, shrimp and one night we steamed a 5.5 pound lobster. It was delicious! We even managed to go out to a restaurant for date night – what a treat.Cape Cod Audreys Cape Cod Audreys 12Our last day on the cape we wanted to take a fishing boat out, which we had done last year. But the winds were too strong and they weren’t sending out the boat. So we decided to try the sea kayaks. While I was useless at steering a tandem kayak, it was fun nonetheless. A little exercise, fresh ocean air, paddling on the water…relaxation!

The one rainy day we ventured back to Provincetown. It was crowded, as expected, but we took a trolley tour this year and got to see a bunch of things we didn’t see last year. We did some shopping,sightseeing and ate more seafood.

I know I’ll be back one day, there’s something special about Cape Cod. I could go on and on about the trip, but I think I’ll let all the pictures speak for themselves.Cape Cod Audreys Cape Cod Audreys18


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