Apple Mango Crisp for Better Homes and Gardens

Mango Apple Crisp Giulia DoyleA while back I was asked if I wanted to guest post on the Better Homes and Gardens blog. I was to search their recipe section and choose what I’d want to cook and then post it to their site. I was free to pick whatever category I wanted and could adapt the recipe as well, if I wanted to. I  love Better Homes and Gardens delish dish, they always feature new blogs that I didn’t know. Let’s just say I was more than happy to participate.

After having trouble narrowing down what I wanted to cook (too many good things to choose from), I decided on something sweet, but not too decadent. Something that goes well with all the holiday goodies we might be gobbling up these days. I chose the Apple Mango Crisp, with a few minor tweaks. I substituted the wheat germ with milled flaxseed and used coconut sugar instead of brown sugar. By doing this, the recipe is still perfect for dessert with some whip cream or a scoop of ice cream, but I added coconut flavoured yogurt, which made this recipe the perfect not-too-sweet breakfast option. I have to say, not only was this a fun project, but it also resulted in a great weekend breakfast with enough left-overs to serve for dessert! For the recipe, head on over to Better Homes and Gardens. Enjoy!Mango Apple Crisp Giulia Doyle

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