A Summer Fête – Special Edition

Audrey's Summer fêteHere in Canada we have long, cold and dreary winters. I’m not a winter person, so summer can’t come fast enough. Once the temperature heats up a bit I love to invite people over for outdoor BBQ’s, dinner on the lawn or just a casual picnic. The season is so short, I think we need to take advantage of it as much as we can – despite fighting bugs and at times humid temperatures.

The other week we hosted a backyard birthday party and I decided to fancy it up a little with some matching rental chairs and a white table cloth. Little touches had a big impact and all of us had a great time. Instead of creating a picture heavy post, I decided to gather our summer fête in a book, including the 10 recipes we made, some outdoor party tips, planning tools and DIY ideas. I also asked a couple of my blogging friends to contribute some outdoor party wisdom. This serves as a great memory for me, but I hope it serves you as a little guide – some inspiration to host your own party. Have a look and let me know how you enjoy your summer parties!

Summer Fete by Giulia Doyle (click here to view book)
*if you see issues with the preview window, click on the link above to view the book (this also applies to views on an iPad).
Thank you very much to the following bloggers for taking the time to share some tidbits with me:

Audrey's Summer fêteAll photos by Giulia Doyle and Bruno Doyle


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