Friday Specials

Audrey's Friday SpecialsAnother short week for us. We got back from a long weekend in Toronto (see pics above) – we had a great time enjoying the city and attending a lovely wedding.  We’ve been battling the summer flu (my husband and son) and I hope the rest of us stay healthy for our vacation, which starts tomorrow! My mom arrived from Switzerland and will be joining us on our trip to Cape Cod. I have a couple of things prepared for next week, so make sure to stop by – Monday I’m sharing one of my favourite summer recipes. You can also follow along on Instagram, I’m sure we’ll have some great things to share.

A few specials I want to share with you this week:

  • Last chance to enter the Pinhole Press give-away
  • As a kid we called these Pizza Baguette and they were found in the frozen aisle. I’m sure these are superiour.
  • Looking forward to seeing all of these again on Cape Cod!
  • Katie’s post on her trip to Europe is amazingly beautiful – check out all the photos.
  • We’ll have to have some chowder while on the Cape

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