Friday Specials

Audrey's Friday Specials

It’s the end of June, which is absolutely crazy! How is it possible that we zipped through such a big part of this year already? I thought I’d capture a couple of our June moments in this post with phone photos taken over the past few weeks. As you can see quite a bit happened. We spent a great weekend In Prince Edward County, Maëlle lost her first tooth. Desmond graduated from day care and Maëlle finished Senior Kindergarten. We played soccer, played in the park, went to the Museum of Nature, received and ate a lot of vegetables from our CSA. We prepared cookies for Maëlle’s upcoming birthday party and picked pretty peonies.

We have visitors from out of town for this long Canada Day Weekend, so we’ll be busy visiting Canada Day activities and hosting a BBQ. Do you have any fun things planned?

Some specials I want to share with you this week:

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