Valentine Chocolate Spoons


We like to make something small for Valentine’s Day – something sweet preferably, but also something the kids can make themselves. This year I decided to make chocolate spoons – a great activity – fun and easy to make.  I’ve seen a few examples on Pinterest and here. You  can imagine that anything involving  messy sprinkles will be a hit!


Valentine’s Chocolate Spoons with Sprinkles

  1. You can use any colour plastic spoon you like.
  2. Arrange your spoons on a baking sheet or tray and rest the back of the spoons on spatulas to keep them level.
  3. Choose any chocolate you like – milk, dark, white – I used semi-sweet chocolate I had left over.
  4. Melt chocolate in 15 seconds intervals in the microwave and stir after each cycle. Once you have smooth melted chocolate, carefully add a spoonsfull to each plastic spoon. Don’t overfill to allow room for sprinkles. Once you’ve filled each spoon, go back and smooth the chocolate a little with your spoon. An adult should do the hot chocolate part.
  5. Once all the spoons are filled with chocolate, have the kids gently sprinkle smaller sprinkles over each spoon, then let them add larger ones. If you add larger candy,such as jelly beans, make sure you wait a few minutes for the chocolate to harden a bit, or else the heavier candy will sink to the bottom of the chocolate.
  6. Let the chocolate dry and harden in a cool area. Once firmer, transfer to fridge so they completely harden.

*The baking sheet will catch some of the falling sprinkles, but you’ll find them all over your floors later.


We packaged each spoon into cake pop wrappers available at Michael’s. We attached a sticky label to each package and closed them with decorative tape.

We made some that were very pink and red, and others that included rainbow colours – the options are limitless.


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